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My family has been obsessed with one of the greatest rappers of all time for as long as I can remember. Tupac Shakur is not only a household name for me, but a family member, one of my younger brothers is named after the icon. So, of course, my boyfriend and I took to the theaters to see the movie that critics have been whispering about for four years.

“All eyez on me” is a Tupac biopic that skims through the life and times of the rappers road to success. I’m pretty sure I could tell you Tupac’s life story from front to back, but who can’t?! One of the scenes in the movie that stuck out to me was the scene before Tupac was fatally shot after the Tyson fight. Tupac  got into a fight and returned to his hotel room where his then fiancé, Kidada, would be waiting for him. Instead of staying with Kidada, Pac chose to go with Suge to make a club appearance. The scene makes sure to display the weariness of Kidada and Tupac before he left the hotel room. Pac advised Kidada to stay behind and he’d return soon, unfortunately he never returned.

So, If I could ask Tupac’s ghost one question, it would be, “why didn’t you stay in the room with Kidada?” It’s been over 20 years since Tupac’s untimely death and hip hop has had its share of  musical transitions, but the love for the icon remains the same. Had he stayed in that night, he may have been around to praise Kendrick and his lyric content, or would Kendrick even be relevant? Maybe the industry wouldn’t have transformed into nursery rhyme, Koolaid dread lock wearing MC’s, and we’d actually have music with substance? Maybe Pac would have made the LL Cool J/Will Smith rapper to actor move and flourished into an award winning film star.

While watching the emotional scene, so many thoughts transpired. I then realized that Tupac didn’t stay in the hotel because dying was a part of his inspirational legacy. Only living to see 25, the rapper had dropped so much knowledge that his quotes are still referenced today. Not only quotes from his records, but quotes from his interviews, jail letters, poems, and trials. His influence has sparked the minds of the masses, and that’s all he intended to do.

Do you think that Tupac’s impact would still be as great had that September, Flamingo and Koval Lane shooting, never happened? Leave your comments below.