StyledtoaTEA Empowerment: The Meet Up


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This Friday I’ll be turning 30 and instead of creating an extensive wish list, I wanted to give a gift to creatives, like myself. So, on Friday November 10th, we hosted our first official event! The StyledtoaTEA Empowerment Meet Up is my gift to creatives. We gathered professionals from various backgrounds for a meeting of the minds. The event was held at “All The Way Live Cafe,” a vegan, black owned establishment, in the Germantown section of Philadelphia.

There was no doubt in my mind that guest would leave the Meet Up inspired, however, I had no clue that so many people would show and share. Tahirah and I shared our StyledtoaTEA story, and the yearly struggles of freelancing in the Fashion/entertainment industry, of course. But, we were also blessed to hear stories from Social Workers, education professionals, designers, Makeup artist, radio host, bloggers and entrepreneurs. Each story left me so full of joy; being able to strip down to your reality takes strength! Often times, we are blinded by social media and what seems to be picture perfect lives. Reality is, everyone has a story, an often gritty story that isn’t as pretty as the photos plastered on social media.

Needless to say, The StyledtoaTEA Empowerment Meet Up was a huge success. I couldn’t be more pleased with the turnout. As a result of the events success, we’re planning an Empowerment series where we’ll cover various topics and offer insight from people like us for us. Sounds like a plan, or nah?

Check out captures from the Meet Up below:

@sweethibiscus_ x her love.

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Huge S/O to the glam squad:

@kontourkingin x @tinisee_mua were responsible for my amazing beat!

Pants by our sponsor @Nounchic. Hair provided by @crownmelocks, installed by @lovelyky_xoxo.

-Photo by @_Shacaria

We had a ton of goodies including @DietyAmerica shampoo and conditioner, @beolori accessories, @anthonychadstyles t-shirts, a bundle bag for raffle by @crownmelock x give away wide legged jeans by @nounchic.

Thank you to all of the attendees, sponsors, volunteers and friends! Stay tuned for the next S.T.A.T. Empowerment Event!