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Designer Jacci Jackson

Designer and industry elite Jacci Jackson splashed her southern style all over New York Fashion Week with the debut of her Magnolia Silks Capsule collection. 

Designer Jacci Jackson alongside EGL’s very own, Maven Cuttino.

The Magnolia Silks capsule collection features timeless pieces that put me in the mind of modern day Black Débutantes. It’s clear that Jacci incorperated her sophisticated style into each of the designs. I found myself eyeing a few pieces from the collection, including the paisley printed jumpsuit pictured below. 

The printed jumpsuit wasn’t the only jumpsuit that caught my eye. The designer also wore a jumpsuit from the collection which featured a super detailed single sleeve design. One side of the piece gives funky business woman vibes and the other side brings on the sexy with its sleeveless flair. 

Get into the collection below: 

Capture by Marsha B. of Marshbarscloset.com

Capture by Marsha B. of Marshbarscloset.com

Capture by Marsha B. of Marshbarscloset.com

“I pulled inspiration for my collection from my southern roots. I come from a family of southern bells and this collection is reminiscent of that. It’s chic and classy but with a bit of edge. I wanted to show the diversity in my line that’s why for my first collection I decided to create a capsule collection,” Jacci said. 

Capture by Marsha B. of Marshbarscloset.com

She continued to explain her vision, “When I began working on my designs I wanted a ‘Boss Babe’ to look at my collection and see herself in any of my pieces. She can go to brunch, red carpet, or drinks with the girls all while keeping a classy and feminine touch. I also wanted to create a line that was for everyone.”

Capture by Marsha B. of Marshbarscloset.com

“Sizing will go from big and tall to small and petite, no fashionista no matter your size will be left out. I think a lot of designers forget to take that into consideration. They focus on only one demographic and leave so many others out. That’s about to change,” Jacci added. 

Capture by Marsha B. of Marshbarscloset.com

Jacci, you outdid yourself. Each design was carefully thought out and constructed to perfection! We can’t wait to see what next seasons Magnolia Silks collection has in store for us!

“I’ve begun taking preorders for the collection and I gave the audience a sneak peek of what’s to come with my one shoulder suit I wore to the show. I have so much in store for everyone I really hope everyone loves it as much as I do.”-Jacci of Magnolia Silks


For more info on Jacci Jackson and Magnolia Silks, check out her Instagram @Jacci_Jackson or @magnolia_silks. Preorder available @ www.MagnoliaSilks.com

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