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“In order to change the story, we have to change the story tellers”-Elaine Welteroth.

Last nights book signing was a game changer for me. Elaine Welteroth shut down the Parkway Central Library in Philadelphia for the latest stop on her ‘More Than Enough’ book tour. The author/journalist/former EIC at Teen Vogue and curly girl, set her sights on the city of brotherly love, to drop some gems and awaken the minds of creatives in the city.


Invited by my friend, Ashezi, I walked into the Free Library of Philadelphia expecting a book signing, but what I received was so much greater. Moderated by Rakia Reynolds of Skai Blue Media, Elaine took us on her journey into becoming the groundbreaking writer that she is today. Held in the auditorium of the library, Elaine brought out a plethora of brown girls, creating somewhat of a sister circle for the women in attendance.

Elaine Welteroth and Ashezi Ekpaji. (@_missfufu)

Artist: Dyymond (@_dwhpp)

One of the vital lessons that stuck out to me was Elaine’s story about receiving her first job at Ebony Magazine as the assistant to author, Harriet Cole. Elaine was relentless in pursuing an opportunity at Ebony, and didn’t rest until she was able converse with Harriet. Five months after Elaine’s initial phone interaction with Harriet, she was asked to assist Harriet on site for a cover shoot, featuring Serena Williams! Elaine explained how she drove 8 hours to assist Harriet, and lended her talents as an intern for the day. She also took a leap of faith by offering Harriet a wardrobe suggestion for Serena which later made the Ebony cover story. Elaine later added, in reference to her bold decisions, “Be able to say to fear, ‘I’m doing it anyway.’ ”

Elaine Welteroth and Tysha White.

Although it was an impromptu decision to attend, I am grateful for my invite to the Elaine Welteroth table talk. Being one month postpartum can leave a writer feeling a bit frazzled and confused about their next move. It’s reassuring to hear a woman so successful humbly share her story about how she stopped at nothing to become who she is. For the writers, media mavens, and dreamers, ‘More Than Enough’ is exactly what you need to help you jumpstart your career! You are not alone.

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