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On Saturday July 21st, we hosted the 6th installment of the StyledtoaTEA Empowerment Series, “Men Need Empowering Too.” Sponsored by Neuro Drinks, our latest event was birthed through observation and appreciation of men and their contribution to the world.

I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a few amazing men and I feel they aren’t celebrated enough in today’s society. Black men especially, tend to receive the short end of the stick. With degrees, trophies, and other accolades under their belt, they still remain the most feared and targeted members of society. Why? It’s simple, the oppressors see the power in black men, so they try their hardest to strip them of it.

Reggie and I brought together 5 men and 1 woman for an in depth panel discussion to celebrate and empower the guys. We touched on subjects such as, men expressing feelings to strong women, Kylie Jenner’s self made status, the importance of men/father’s in the household, and more!

Check out the scene below: Photos by Cyril Bullard @visualvibrationphotos.

Host: Reggie, Myself. Panelist: Ronny Press, Nyia Moore, Matt King.

Beverages sponsored by Neuro Drinks.

Panelist: Lenn Nobuaki Chester, Omar Kennedy, Will Tyler.

Photographer @bria.foto

Flyest hairstyle in the room!

“Dreams Too Big” T-shirts by Matt King.

Very special thank you to everyone who attended Men Need Empowering Too. Our aim is to take this message as far as God will allow us to travel. Stay tuned for our next event, we hope to see you there! Currently we’re curating Men Need Empowering Too, part 2. Check out our social media accounts for updates and info!

Want to reach out to Tysha? Email: Styledtoatea@gmail.com!