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This Friday I’m hosting my 5th event under StyledtoaTEA Empowerment, the NYFW 101 class. Because I’ve gotten so many questions from Fashion hopefuls, I decided to put an event together providing information on how to attend, work, and cover the shows.

The class will be held in Philadelphia, this Friday, June 15th! If you’re not in Philadelphia, no worries, the class will also be available online. Professionals who aren’t located in Philadelphia will have the opportunity to attend the class from the comfort of their homes.

What you’ll get:

I’ve prepared a detailed instruction sheet with step by step instruction on how to access the Press list, what to say to PR, where to look for shows and more. There will also be food and drinks provided for guest.


Friday’s event is sponsored by Neuro Drinks and Jasmine Anderson, iCloth cleaning cloths, and Stick-Amis, stickers that provide complete hands-free usage of all phones and tablets.

We hope to see all of you at our NYFW Class! Click here to purchase your ticket!

To purchase our step by step instruction, please contact Tysha White @ Styledtoatea@gmail.com.