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(Insert side eye here) Why H&M? Seriously! I am an H&M/ASOS/ZARA shopaholic, I live by those three stores because not only are they super trendy, they’re affordable. However, if you haven’t heard, the British version of H&M online has released an ad that has social media in a frenzy.

The company released an ad to their website featuring a little black boy dressed in a hooded sweatshirt that read “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.” Y’all tried it! Out of all of the sweatshirts that H&M markets for $7.99, the company’s stylist & visual artist decided to dress this young king in the monkey shirt? What exactly is going at these board meetings, because someone isn’t thinking?

Before giving birth to my son I sent out a disclaimer, “Please guys, get Shai anything that you want, as long as it isn’t anything with a monkey on it.” It’s sad to say, but some images, words, items, are just plain ol’ inappropriate and disrespectful to our culture. Being that our people were ridiculed and belittled by being called things like “Monkey,” the last thing that a stylist should do is dress one of our black babies in a monkey shirt.

Maybe the creative directors didn’t think it through, maybe they did, either way we can’t stand for this. An H&M spokes person released an apology stating, “This image has now been removed from all H&M channels and we apologize to anyone this may have offended.” Really Bro? In 2018 art directors should not be this sloppy, careless, and unconcerned about the issues that black people are STILL facing. The Swedish company may not have given this ad any thought, but from here on out, I’m sure their team will do some research before styling one of our children.

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