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So, we finally have merch! Because we are our brand, we chose to start a line built off of something that needs to be celebrated everyday. Amour Noir is Black Love, Black Love is Amour Noir. In times where our image is questioned everyday by unjust practices, we chose to create something that everyone could wear proudly. In celebration of the piece of us that isn’t often publicized, we bring you all Amour Noir. Whether girlfriend to boyfriend, husband to wife, daughter to father, mother to son, wife to wife, or husband to husband, Black Love should and will be celebrated.

Shop the pieces available below!

Also part of our Amour Noir campaign, our #LoyalAF T-shirt’s and hoodies:

Click here to purchase our Amour Noir apparel!

What do you guys think? We even have deep green in honor of our Philadelphia Eagles! Whatever your preference, we have it available!