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The truth is, we’re all fighting demons of self doubt, but we didn’t get there on our own. We know our ability, but all it takes is a grain of doubt from a naysayer to shake up the foundation of confidence that we thought was solid. The fashion industry has its pros and it’s cons. One of the pros are, the rewarding feeling that you feel from being able to do what you love. The con, the hell that people take you through because they recognize how hard you’re willing to work to do what you love. It is easy to be taken advantage of in an industry that everyone is trying to break into. The secret to the madness is knowing your worth. 

(Me x Dani Song-February 2014. Working NYFW x pregnant with Shai) 

Beginning this journey the hunger was real. I wanted to cover every show, meet every blogger, attend every event! I worked my ass off, until I came in contact with a vulture years later. I invested time, money, missed holidays, and spent my sons birthday traveling for volunteer fashion work. I HAD to prove myself. Not everyone is receptive of your efforts and willing to give you opportunity based off of your efforts. Some people see your fire and a fire will ignite in them. The fire they see in you may “flicker a little too bright.” And, since they’re in power, they’ll tamper with that flicker until, well, it burns out. 

Know your worth, just because you want something doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your self worth to achieve it. After my grandmothers death I realized that not everyone’s intentions are good. I know what you’re thinking, 29 years old and you’ve just realized that people can be malicious? I lived in a dream land where I believed, the “successful” people would willingly extend a piece of their mind to a hungry writer. Never did I realize that those very people have lied, stole, and back stabbed to get where they are. Me, I’m not willing to do anything unethical to attain success. I believe in working hard, so I’ll take the slow route. I’ll get my hands dirty and when I reach the top my conscious will be clear. 

Trust Gods timing, no one has the keys to your success but God. When your heart is pure God will remove you from situations that compromise your spirit. You may not understand it while it is happening, but what’s for you will never miss you. If it missed you, well, it wasn’t for you. Don’t fret, your time is coming. Soon, you’ll be given an opportunity to remind you that you’re good enough. You’ll work your ass off, you’ll be successful, and you didn’t have to break anyone else down to get there. Greatness comes when we realize that fear doesn’t exist. Be fearless, trust the process readers. 

|Jumpsuit x Sheer Button down: H&M |Sandals x Watch: Target|Shai: Me! 😚|