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Too many times I’ve found myself in the same “sunken place.” I devote my time, effort, energy, life, to something or someone that serves me no good. For what we want we must work hard for, correct? But, how fair is the assumption that what we’re working hard for is something worthy of our presence? Often times I lose myself in things, neglecting my sanity, and that is the problem.

Whether it be a relationship, a job, or a daily task, think of you first. If ties have to be severed for your well being, than so be it. Life has a way of working things out, even if your faith isn’t the strongest. All it takes is the faith of a mustard seed to awaken your genius and the universe will follow suit. Believe. Give all of what you’ve given to those outside sources back to you and soon you’ll find your way.

With that being said, after suffering great loss in 2017, I still have faith that this year will be amazing. I don’t know where I get my strong will from but I thank God for it. I lost my grandmother in January and I lost my job in February (removed from one work site and waiting to be place at another), but my faith is rock solid. My son is healthy, my rent is paid, I am in good health and I am content, no greater blessing than that. Keep. Going!

Photographer: Dominique Nichole

Stylist: Tysha White

MUA: Janay Pizzaro

Hairstylist: Ky-@Lovelyky_xoxo

Extensions: Barbie Extensions