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You would expect a lot of personality from someone who describes themselves as a “super goofy, happy woman.” Loren Lott carries an infectious aura that keeps her estimated 53,000 Instagram followers and 220,000 followers on Facebook flocking to her. The San Diego native is quirky, beautiful and dynamic. Aside from that, the former American Idol contestant and cast member of Motown: The Musical is dipping her toes in the fashion pond with her recent foray with New York Fashion week. Lott describes it as her Cinderella moment where she was dressed by the likes of Unisa Eurani, M. Diggs (worn by Fantasia) and Reuben Reuel (dresses Beyoncé).


Currently on Instagram, her look is mostly fun and laid back with occasional notes of elegance and edge. Think girly, tomboy chic. You can see many posts ranging from how to apply a wig to “How to Keep People From Sitting By You on the Plane.” While the latter may not involve fashion, how can one get there beauty sleep with someone yapping in your ear the entire flight? Previously, Lott preferred to focus on her face and hair. When asked about her style inspirations, Lott explains, “I don’t have any in fashion yet.  I am still trying to determine my style identity, once that is defined it will be easier to see influence in someone else. I do currently love Ariana Grande’s look.” As we all know, style is something one has to develop like a perfectly crafted signature. Practice makes perfect and perfection in a personal style signature involves risk taking.


As Lott discovers her fashion aesthetic, she has also opened herself up to stepping outside of her comfort zone. When explaining the process for her Fashion Week looks, Lott stated, “My team wanted me to try a new look. So they had Tiffany Lamb, hairstylist of Naturi Naughton from Power, install a custom bob wig from her line, Seamless Illusion. I had never worn a bob before, and it was a different look for me. My team wanted me to look unlike anything anyone has already seen of me, Mission Accomplished! I love long and big hair, so it was just something new for me. Overall it was fun experimenting and basically playing dress up like a doll.” We look forward to seeing more of Lott’s transformation into a fashion Cinderella. Just don’t lose any shoes along the way.