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H&M has officially been crowned Queen of Collaborations, or King maybe! Over the years fashion goers have been able to own their favorite designer labels, made affordable by H&M. From Karl Lagerfeld to Madison Margeila, these brands collabs have been epic. Alexander Wang’s H&M collab sold out in ten minutes flat! Shoppers were bursting through doors to own a WANG cropped scuba! And next up, KENZO x H&M!

There has been more buzz than advertisements with the new KENZO collab. Celebrities like supermodel Iman and 23 year old Chicago MC-Chance The Rapper, can be seen rocking their Kenzo x H&M designs all over the internet. 

Take a look at the teasers below:

With all of H&M’s killer collaborations, one is left to wonder, who’ll be the next H&M brand collab! Recently, writer Rose T. orchestrated the ultimate who’s next article highlighting who may just be the next brand collaboration with H&M. The writer compared the odds of 7 designers who could possibly be in the running for the next collaboration. Even with Kanye West’s recent Yeezy Season 4 hype, Rose believes that the odds of ‘Ye collaborating with H&M are slim to none! 

Rose writes, “Kanye has been asked repeatedly whether he’ll ever make a foray into affordability. He’s gone back and forth, but it seems pretty clear that he wants to keep his clothing line, Yeezy, synonymous with luxury. That makes an H&M collaboration a longshot, on its own.”

Whether the next collaboration is Kanye, DVF, or YSL, we’re excited for the coming of the KENZO x H&M line. The collection will be available on November 3rd, don’t miss it!