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As most would expect, day one of the Couture show was full of all things frilly, fancy, and fashionable! The designers displayed their talents and keen sense of style throughout their designs, giving us all a reason to dress up for any occasion.

Designer Mira Indria was my personal favorite, displaying emphasis in detail, lace, and beaded patchwork. Her use of black as well as scarlet red gave us classic vibes with a modern twist. A sense of glamour and elegance was felt as you watched the models strut down the runway in her contemporarily fashion forward but not overly distracting pieces.


Mira Indria is an Indonesian designer who started out as a singer who would create her own outfits for her performances. Eventually, she learned couture techniques and decided to grace us all with her talent.


Day one of the couture shows during NYFW was about art, and how to incoprate timeless style with today’s trends. Along with their stunning models, all of the designers put their best foot forward.

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