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POWER (POW-ER) 1.) The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.


The “Colored” Girl
campaign is a movement. A celebration of color, an experience, an unapologetic step into the world of the brown girls! 

Victory Jones x Tori Elizabeth

Curated by Victory Jones and Tori Elizabeth, The “Colored” Girl campaign’s aim is to showcase and add praise to the beauty of brown skin tones and their features. TCG uses brown girls of all shapes, sizes, shades and hair textures as a display of beauty. A beauty that wasn’t always considered beautiful, a beauty that we’ve learned to embrace through education of self.

Nude garments add a beautiful vulnerability to the campaign. Stripping these brown girls of bold print, and big antics, focused our attention on the beauty in their rich skin tones. Each shade melaninated and appreciated, accented by not only Afros but carefully styled crown braids, faux locs, wavy tresses, and top knots. 

2016 has become a gift x a curse for people of color. This time has enlightened the minds of the blind, while society tries to close our eyes on a daily basis. We’ve come together, embracing everything that “they” told us that we shouldn’t. As a people we have become empowered, we’ve become publically POWERFUL

Take a look at more of the photos from The “Colored” Girl campaign below. 

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Campaign Credits(S.M. Handles):

Photographer: @islandboiphotography

Creative Director/Stylist:@stylebytori

Co-Creative Director: @srvj

PR: @heirpr/@redlightpr

Designers: @mdiggsnyc

Jewlery: @madebymalyia

Hair: @touched_by_tiff

MUA: @25thandJane /@makeupbylucas/ @yadadlamb 

Models: @lei_smokahontas/@chrismiss_/ @yadadlamb/ @kalah_christina/ @srvj/ @stylebytori/ @monicamateo/@themodelmalyia/@hildaakua/@jesusgang