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Black Panther, Philanthropist, Activist, Afeni Shakur was a fighter and an avid member of her community. Giving birth to one of the greatest lyricist to ever life, the beloved Tupac Shakur, Afeni Shakur was definitely a woman of wisdom. Afeni Shakur died this past Monday, May 2nd, in California. The activist is said to have suffered from a heart attack which claimed her life around 10:30pm Monday night. 

A mother, revolutionary, and reason for one of the greatest lyricist to ever live. 

-La Times

Tupac was/is one of the greatest rappers ever, not because of his fame, the awards, his boldness, or his looks, but because of what was instilled in him. Being born to a Black Panther, Tupac was bred to fight for what he believed in. Afeni instilled a fire into Tupac that would set him apart from any of the rappers in his era, the power of self knowledge. Afeni struggled with addiction in her earlier years and encouraged Tupac to hone his art, stating if it had not been for art, Tupac would have been lost. Afeni enrolled Tupac in a performing arts high school where he would perfect his love for poetry and writing. 

Afeni taught her children to fight, to educate themselves on the lessons that school could not teach. Dignity, pride, and compassion for ones being was instilled into the children of Afeni and it showed in Tupac’s interviews when conversing about life. Tupac was knowledgable, wise beyond his years, and gave all credit to his mother, Afeni Shakur. The rapper died at 25 years of age, yet still managed to drop gems on the world that are still being quoted to this day. 


Although incarcerated and misunderstood as a panther, Afeni did a remarkable job in teaching her children through hardship that they have a voice that should be heard. In 2016 we need nonconformist, mothers who aren’t afraid of going against the grain and testing the waters of the system. Through example, our children will learn that no man is superior and that if we aren’t given a chance, we can fight for it. Even after Tupac’s death Afeni managed to win over 150 unreleased songs by Tupac that were never released and being held hostage by death row records.


May Afeni Shakur fly high and continue to inspire those who followed her life, activism, and her influence!