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“Your skin is your first outfit.”

Meet 24 year old skin care professional and lifestyle blogger, Tyriq Harris. Emerging from the Philadelphia area, Tyriq is ready to take on the world of skin care with his organic skin care collection. StyledtoaTEA sat down with the young professional for an exclusive preview of the skin care collection, which was launched March 26th!

Tyriq began his personal natural skin care journey in 2010; after noticing the publics interest in his skin care routine, he decided to launch his very own line of skin care.

Product Review:


Body Bar: (Pictured in the silver soap dish) Shea and beeswax based moisturizing body bar. The body bar is infused with mint leaves and essential oils. Tyriq also mentioned using imported islamic oils in his body bar formula. While using the product, I noticed that the bar didn’t lather, instead it produced a waxy substance on my hands when used with hot water. The bar left our hands feeling amazing, Tahirah and I were totally blown away with the results. The bar is also a moisturizer, there isn’t a need for lotion after dab drying ones hands, the product left our hands moisturized for the remainder of the day.  

MUD: (Pictured in the clear containers) Made with coffee beans, pure chocolate, and essential oils, one can imagine how yummy this exfoliation scrub smelled.  While applying the scrub Tyriq blessed us with some amazing facts on using coffee for skin care. Fact numero Uno: coffee is a natural deodorizer, Tyriq admits to being “anti antiperspirant” and using the MUD scrub to exfoliate his underarms! Talk about luxury! The MUD scrub left my hands feeling refreshed and exfoliated.




Apparel: In addition to Tyriq‘s skin care line, the lifestyle blogger also has a line of apparel. The apparel features baseball caps with “YOUTH” printed on the front, there are also sun glasses, t-shirts, accesories, and clutch purses. Designer & Stylist Allima assisted Tyriq with the design of a few of the items. We are all for dynamic collabortations!

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For more on Tyriq Harris, head over to his social media platforms:

Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: Tyriq Harris

Website: www.tyriqharris.com

Until next time readers, stay styled!