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As if the Smith kids couldn’t get any cooler! In January, Jaden Smith was named face of Louis Vuitton women, and today, Willow Smith has been named the newest brand ambassador for Chanel, by Karl Lagerfeld himself. With parents like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, there should be no doubt in anyones mind that their children were going to be great!


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Pop Sugar

Willow and mother, Jada, attended the Chanel fashion show today presented by Paris Fashion Week, giving us some serious mother/daughter goals. Willow rocked a Chanel jumpsuit with an embellished Chanel belt, alongside her mother, dressed down wearing destroyed denim, a tweed trench and open toe shoes. Willow expressed her gratitude via Instagram, “Thank you Karl Lagerfeld and the entire team at Chanel for expanding the perceptions of “beauty” by picking me to be the new Chanel ambassador. I am honored.”

Willow Smith has been destined for greatness since she whipped her hair back and forth with her first single, “whip my hair,” in 2011. Since her debut single, the 15-year-old has developed her own style and way of being. A nonconformist, much wise beyond her years, congratulations Willow Smith, you’ve made us brown girls proud!


Pop Sugar