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“You know, it’s a hard pill to swallow
When they tell you you strange
You ain’t hot
Then in the blink of an eye
They got on what you got
That means I’m a boss!”

-Kelis Bossy

Yesterday, we covered supermodel Donyale Luna and our number 27 is someone who, before it was cool to rock a natural mane, or to have a dip dyed fro and a septum ring, Kelis burts on the scene with Pharrell Williams by her side. Then, Kelis took the entertainment industry by storm because there was no one like her at that time. Kelis, the first girl that screamed on a track, is like that one ecclectic Aunty who seems to be good at everything and projects a very effortlessly stylish air. Aunty also cooks very well. Or maybe she is that best friend whose closet we are always borrowing from. At least that’s what she is in our head. Yes, maybe one of us refers to her as Aunty Kelis. Do not judge us! Heck, she is a professional chef and received official training from Le Cordon Bleu! Aside from Kelis-ing, chick is a trained saucier and owns her own line of sauces. They are sold out at the moment.  Not that we were checking or anything.

The Milkshake singer and Harlem native has always had a cool girl edge that has smoothly transitioned from different stages of her life in fashion and music. From red carpet appearances to music videos and photo spreads, the personal DNA of her style is hard to pinpoint because she is like a chameleon. The only difference is she not only adjusts to any environment, she creates her own. How can we forget the auburn, curly hair she rocked in Milkshake or her short curly afro in 4th of July (Fireworks)?

The First Annual Data Awards

HOLLYWOOD – JANUARY 28: Kelis attends The First Annual Data Awards at Hollywood Palladium on January 28, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Todd Williamson/WireImage)

Musically, she embodies and empowers everything with a girl power edge without surrendering her femininity. She has had a good run with catchy hits, whimsical visuals and some seemingly outrageous fashion moments. Kelis was one of the first to do her and do it well. We have seen her in everything and forget about being on trend. She has always been ahead of them. Her willingness to take risks is natural and contributes to her no fucks given attitude.  Remember per her song Bossy she switched up the beat of the drum and rocked two toned hair before it became a popular thing. Green hair, septum rings, gold crowns and grey streaks. In an interview with Sinous Magazine she said, “With fashion, I think like with everything else, you either have it or you don’t. It’s about knowing yourself.” Snaps and more snaps. She is has “it” and then some.