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The year is 1987. The December issue of British Vogue has hit stands. The cover features an Ebony, tall young lady laughing in a gold and turquoise Chanel ensemble. She is happy. She is beautiful. She is Naomi Campbell. Then, a fresh face beauty new to the fashion world of modeling and now, Campbell is one of the most successful black models in the world. Still turning heads. Still gracing covers and booking campaigns. Still snatching wigs, edges sold separately.

Tomorrow marks the first day of the shortest month of the year. Perhaps, more interesting is that tomorrow also signifies the start of Black History Month. What was once celebrated within a week, extended into a month to recognize the triumphs and history of black people at a time where invisibility of our existence was the norm. Fast forward to now and the years have collected more and more pivotal moments like soil collects rain water that will in turn nurture the plants and flowers of a garden.

We wanted to add to that garden by celebrating and recognizing the pivotal players in the fashion industry. Some are more known than others. To some extent, every person featured proves to be a major player in their own right from models to celebrities to editors. They have existed and contributed to a world that still struggles to step outside of a monotonous, vanilla-esque kaleidoscope. The fashion industry plays mainly on a human’s sense of sight as the visuals shelled out on a daily basis paints a picture of a world untouched. It is a fantasy to be achieved and had at some point.

From the young woman on that cover years ago to the make-up artist constantly raising the bar and FLOTUS, their victories were fueled by the never ending roller coaster to be seen and rise above all odds in a world and specifically this industry that did not always celebrate and recognize us. Many came before them and many after will follow. This is our homage to them.


The Styled to a Tea team