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Who would have ever thought high end would fuse with one of the most modest lifestyles in the world. Dolce & Gabbana has revealed that the brand has released a Hijab & Abaya line! Who else is super excited?

Take a look at a few items from the collection below.

According to Forbes, the personal luxury goods business in the middle east is booming, racking in 8.7 billion dollars in sales in 2015. Talk about Arab money! Whether business move or brand expansion, Muslim women are sure to appreciate the beautiful garments.

The detail in the pieces are something to marvel over. Each design is regal in its own right, featuring, lace, satin, jewel embellishments, and bold prints into modest masterpieces.

Muslim women are making a name for themselves in beauty, blogging, and all over Instagram. Dolce & Gabbana isn’t the first to acknowledge the beauty in Islamic garments and the brand will not be the last. What do you think of the collection? Leave your comments below.