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 Daily Mail

Happy 2016, this will be the year of defying the odds! The first to make an impact on 2016 is none other than the spawn of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Mr. Jaden Smith! Photos surfaced of Jayden Smith STYLED TO A TEA, in an outfit that fit his usual outregously stylish style.There was one detail that caught our eye, Jaden is the face of Louis Vuitton’s latest Spring/Summer line.

Eliminating Gender Rolls vs Emasculinizing the African American Male. 

Naturally, there was an outrage of wonder, speculation, and skepticism following the campaign featuring Jaden. The reaction of African Ameican’s brings us to wonder, what the hell the idea was behind dressing Jaden Smith in high end women’s clothing and titling him the face of the campaign?  

 Daily Mail 

There are busloads of skeptics labeling the campaign, emasculinating, personally, I disagree. In 2015, laws were passed making gay and transgender marriage legal. After a triumphant 2015 in gender equality why is there such an outrage when a young man is asked to be featured in women’s clothing and slaying while doing so?

Cheers to the nonconformist!   Daily Mail

Jaden Smith is aiming to make a mark! Both Jaden and Willow Smith have always been about equality. The teens believe in doing what one feels regardless of the way society feels things should be done. Jaden Smith is speaking to the nonconformist and he looks damn good, and damn stylish while doing so. 

 Daily Mail Jaden Smith pictured with girlfriend, Sarah Snyder. 

What do you guys think of the Spring/Summer 16 Louis Vuitton campaign? Leave your comments below!