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Here at Styled to a Tea, a lot of the focus has been on women’s fashion. That is until Drake two stepped, bopped and twisted all about in his new, popular video ‘Hotline Bling’. Can we take a moment to scratch the record and acknowledge how beautifully sound this song is? Most of us can relate to the lyrics and how many of us ladies have had the pleasure of dancing with that one guy with the awkward dance moves. Except, Drake made these awkward dance moves cool and attractive. This has the Styled to a Tea ladies thinking, “Turtle necks are not that bad after all.” Add someone rocking said turtle neck while doing the Carlton towards you. Visionaries be like.

You may not want to neccessarily drop stacks and dancing diamonds on the Moncler Maya Jacket and Grey Acne sweater. Gather around woes. As self-proclaimed Drake connoisseurs, we were inspired to create these menswear looks.  This is just in time for the shift in weather from warm to cold that requires a heavier thread count. See what we did there? So, pull out your fanciest pen and moleskine and take note of the fall/winter looks we put together inspired by ‘Hotline Bling’.



  1. Scott Vest Puffer Jacket, $190.00
  2. Good Over Evil T-Shirt, Served Fresh, $30.00
  3. Straight Regular Jeans, H&M, $39.99
  4. Tatau Fur Men’s Boots, Puma, $80.00



  1. Supima Cotton V Neck T-Shirt, Uniqlo, $12.90
  2. Original Owl Hooded Sweetshirt, October’s Very Own, $152.00
  3. Men’s Track Pants, Nike, $80.00
  4. Leather Zip High Top Sneakers, Creative Recreation, $125.00



  1. Turtle Neck Sweater, Abercrombie & Fitch, $88.00
  2. Cotton T-Shirt, Under Armour, $22.99
  3. Dropped Crotch Fleece Pants, Nike, $77.99
  4. Adonis High Top Sneaker, Creative Recreation, $69.99



  1. adidas Original Fleece Bomber, adidas, $98.00
  2. Club Swoosh Hoodie, Nike, $44.99
  3. Hawkings McGill Forester Boot, Urban Outfitters, $95.00
  4. Slim Straight Jeans, Hollister, $49.95

We are sure these looks will help polish your puffer coat and boot game proper. Please be advised that pieces and beards are sold separately. Also, remember to flex responsibly.