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Hey hey beautea’s! I have missed you ladies so very much! I can totally hear you guys saying “Nay where were you all summer?” Well, just like all of you beautea’s I was out enjoying my summer. I soaked up lots of sun! And now I’m transitioning from summer to fall so I can get back to sharing the scoop of what’s trending with all you lovely ladies! 

So let’s talk about transitioning. I know you ladies are used to me being a makeup addict, but truthfully I consider myself a product junkie. I am guilty of having way more products then I can handle and this is not limited to just makeup either. So I officially want to broaden my posts. It will no longer be about all things makeup, but will include other products such as hair care, skin care, and overall happiness and health. 

Like it or not, fall is here and in full effect. The colder weather seems to awaken the “vampire” side of us fashionistas. We go back to dark purples, deep reds, and lately even brown shades which are slowly but surely becoming my fav. About a month ago I noticed a picture of the beautiful Kylie Jenner. It turned my whole world upside down and I just knew that somehow I wanted to recreate the look.


After a few months of being on the hunt for this beautiful velvety brown that Kylie was rocking, I almost gave up hope. Then I stumbled across a fairly new company called Colourpop cosmetics. They specialize in “ultra matte liquid lip colors” that range in 25 different shades. After I caught wind that they were only retailing for 6 bucks I had to invest. They even offer 5 dollars off your first purchase!

I purchased 4 colors: Trap, Limbo, Lax and Clueless. I’m happy to say that Limbo is exactly what I pictured it to be and more ,it’s  the exact dupe for the Kylie Jenner brown lip.

 (Check out that personalized hand written card) 


Let me just say that I am so glad to be back! I’m feeling better than ever about bringing you ladies the latest in beauty for my favorite time of year. As always, stay tuned for updates on this blog. Until next time beautea’s, stay beautiful!