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Guests and industry insiders alike gathered on Wednesday for courturier, Natalia Danilova’s private trunk show for her line Avolinad. The ambiance was very sophisticated and elegant as seen in the collection when models sashayed one by one to the forefront. 

Avolinad SS/16 Collection

What exactly is the story? There are many stories as Danilova put it,”When I work on a dress, it’s about where it can go. For example, does it open up like a flower? Is it elegant? Does it need lace?” Danilova creates a story by watching it unfold as she puts it together. 

Avolinad SS/16 Collection

The grandeur that highlighted the awe and decadence of this collection existed in the details. Like the web of a spider, they were carefully spun together bit by bit until each finished piece intricately illustrated the garment in opulently nonverbal form. Jewels, feathers, lace, tulle – elements that play a consistent theme in couture were skillfully applied to dresses that could appeal to a varying range of women. The woman who wants a little sparkle or the woman who who loves an all out high end cheeky look. The subtly of the details still managed to quietly say “Look at me”. 


Avolinad SS/16 Collection

The end goal is to bring all the details from conception to real life in a way that translates the core and goal of couture. Danilova said perfectly, “Well the ladies are marvelous.” That she is correct about. Check out more images from the presentation below.