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 Photo Credit: Tahirah Muhammad of StyledtoaTEA blog.  

What the world needs now, is Musiq, and Purple WondaLuv! Born and bred in my hometown, Philadelphia, Musiq SoulChild is back as Purple WondaLuv with the Eternal Peace EP! EGL was on the scene for the Purple WondaLuv listening party at Brooklyn’s Milk River Restaurant as well as his Wednesday performance at SOBS!

 Purple WondaLuv x Madison Jaye, radio host. Captured by Tysha White.

Enlightened by the relaxing, and heartfelt records pinned by the Grammy nominated artist, we were anxious to step into the mind of such an artist. Purple Wonda Luv touched on his struggle to be an individual in the music industry, and his need to be creative the way that he wanted to be creative. On the outside the music was superb but behind the boards, Musiq was dying to create a sound that he could be 100% confident in. 

  Purple WondaLuv x Madison Jaye, radio host. Captured by Tysha White.

 “How are you going to stand in front of people And entertain them with something that you are not 100% passionate about. I am 100% passionate about the eternal Peace EP” Citing Sade and Bob Marley as his influences for this EP, there is no denying that listening to the EP will put you in the mind of Sade’s “Soldier of Love.”  

 Photo Credit: Tahirah Muhammad of StyledtoaTEA Blog. 

S.T.A.T: What motivated you to create the Eternal Peace EP? “It had to come out. I didn’t know what it would sound like, I didn’t know what it would be like, how long it would be, what I would say. I had a need, this need to do it. I felt it was necessary to create, and present my creativity from this point of view, which is the point of view of peace and love.”  

S.T.A.T: What inspired you to create the EP?“The intention, that’s what I wish upon the world, eternal piece. I feel like we could use a lot more peace in the world, especially with everything that’s been going on, that’s always been going on, but it has been brought to the forefront of our social attention.” 

S.T.A.T: Where are you musically?
“Evolved, I’ve learned a lot and I’m using that information to do better.” 

S.T.A.T: How do you feel about 2015’s R&B/Soul music?
“I don’t know! I just think like anything the state of music is always going to be in a perpetual state of transition, its up to the ppl to contribute to how they want it to be rather than on autopilot and accepting what is given to them. [Or] For the artist, just subscribing to what they feel they are suppose to do rather than what they really want to do.”

S.T.A.T: What can we look forward to/What’s next for you as an artist? “Another persona, it’s going to keep going!” 

 Photo Credit: Tahirah Muhammad of StyledtoaTEA Blog.

 Tahirah Muhammad, Musiq Soulchild AKA Purple WondaLuv at SOBS.  

There has been a demand in recent days for soul music and we are here to reassure you that Musiq Soulchild aka Purple WondaLuv is back to feed your musical souls! To purchase the Purple WondaLuv ‘Eternal Peace’ EP, click here. What do you guys think of the EP, leave your feedback below!