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Teen Vogue| Aya Jones-20: French-Ivorian, Imaan Hammam-18: Egyptian-Moroccan, Lineisy Montero-19: Dominican.|

There has been a slew of controversy surrounding Teen Vogue lately. Most recent, Teen Vogue released a cover featuring three models, naming them “Fashions New Faces.” The magazine has suffered its share of criticism for the past few weeks, beginning with backlash from their article on Senegalese twist featuring a rather fair skinned model, Phillipa Steele. Critics slammed the magazine after they believed the model, Phillipa, was a white woman. 

It turns out that model is biracial, Phillipa is of French, and Black decent. 

Teen Vogue‘s most recent cover sparked controversy in the African American world. Labeling the publication as racist, many African Americans are upset that fair skinned women were showcased on the cover. 

Beauty, and Heath director, Elaine Welteroth, also biracial, is the woman behind the faces.   HuffPost

Elaine chose the models to be featured on the cover of Teen Vogue with good intentions, all three models are of different decent, and all are beautiful. The editor named the cover, “ICONIC,” taking to Instagram to express her adoration for the three brown girl pictured below. 

 Teen Vogue

Whether brown skin, light skin, dark skin, fair skin, white, orange, or blue, we are all human. We are all beautiful, and we are all flawed in our own way. We here at StyledtoaTEA commend Elaine, and Teen Vogue, for the heart to display women of color in all of the shades that we were born in. 

For more info on the latest Teen Vogue issue, the magazine will hit newsstands on July 14th. What are your thoughts on the iconic cover? We would love your feedback! 

Stay Styled readers!