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 Hey hey beauteas! I hope you all tuned in for my previous blog post “Beat in the Heat”. I love hearing feedback from you guys whether it be questions, comments or concerns. Even if you need some reassurance on a product, I acknowledge those as well. As always thank you for all of your support!

Earlier this week I posted a picture on my Instagram account.

I recieved a lot of feedback on this look and decided to dedicate this blog post to this fierce everyday look, with a pop of color! 


Recently, Mac cosmetics launched a campaign highlighting its  beautiful matte lipstick line. The line ranges from light to dark, the darkest shade being “instigator”. (Shown above) 

 Viewing all 16 beautiful shades I knew instigator had to be a part of my collection. The price point for Mac cosmetics lipsticks are $16.00, a little on the pricey side for my beauteas on a budget. Don’t fret, I am always on the hunt for reasonably priced dupes for you ladies.  



My eyes for this look were super simple. Lately I’ve been seeing some of my favorite Mua’s do a two color shadow method which consist of defining the outter “v”, and your inner corner with a dark color and putting a pop of light color in the middle. This effect creates a bright wide eye doll look which gives the eye a beautiful shape.

  • I first used a color from one of my absolute favorite drug store brands “pixi,” which is exclusively sold at target stores. I used the copper peach pallete, taking the last shade of brown and sweeping it on my outer “v” as well as my inner corner.    


  • Next I used a cover girl shadow that I’ve been obsessed with lately!  
  • Using the very first color, I lightly tapped it in the center of my lid, blending eveything together to soften any hard lines. Don’t forget to sweep the shadows on our bottom lash lines, in the same order as the top.    
  • Lastly, I took my favorite “Rimmel” long lasting waterproof gel liner, in black, to create a very bold winged liner. 


And there you have it, a bold summer look that won’t break the bank!  

I would love to challenge all of beautea’s to take your everyday glam look up a notch by adding bolder lip colors and eye shadows. Please keep in mind that bold eyes require a nude lip while bold lips require a subtle eye. 

Thanks again for the countinous support. I’m constantly on the look out for affordable makeup so feel free to leave me a comment with suggestions. See you next time my beautea’s. Stay fabulous!!!!