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  | Yandy Smith Harris and some of her bridal party. |

Beautiful was an understatement, from the glowing face of Yandy Smith Harris, Harlem was brighter than it’s ever been for Yandy Smith Harris’ special day. 

Set at The Cove Lounge, Yandy’s best girlfriends/business partners, invited Yandy’s closest friends, family, and companions, to Harlem, for this intimate affair. I have been a writer for the EGL fashion team for almost a year, and in this moment, I understood why I was chosen to be apart of such a powerful group of women. If one should have felt anything, it should have been a feeling of women empowerment. Women of all shades, genres of business, gathered together in celebration of the Bride-to-be.| Cake by Sprinkle Splash |

 | Candy Buffet by Pastel Cupcakes |

| Myself, and Yandy |

Yandy greeted us with opened arms, having been my first time meeting or EGL Boss Lady, my nerves were through the roof until I introduced myself. Yandy has to be one of the most ginueine people that I’ve met in her position. Only 35, and already so accomplished, it is truly a blessing that Yandy Smith is as humble as she is. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and found myself blown away at how easily she complimented me on my Rocks Box necklace! I felt so proud to be apart of such a fashionable team. 

Here are a few more pictures from Yandy’s Bridal shower!  |Yandy’s finance Mendeeces, with son Omere,   Judy, and Yandy.|

|EGL Fashion Writers: Marsha, Triena, and Talibah|

 |Fashion Team member & Fellow Rock Mom: Chela, and myself|

– Fly!