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StyledtoaTea was on the fashion scene in New York City Friday March 27th, as Underground Artistry gathered some of the most talented up and coming designers together for a fashion showcase featuring Love and Hip Hop Star, Erica Mena, and Rae Holliday! Tysha White, owner of StyledtoaTEA and Erica Mena. 

Although a little late, we quickly discovered that the designs being shown were some of the best. Innovative, and artistic, the designers captured art on a garment. Aside from the great designs, I noticed how perfectly tailored each piece was. It was clear that each designer took their time to perfectly construct their pieces. 

The vibe was relaxed, and full of life, making our first experience with Underground Artistry a very fulfilling one. The show was sponsored by ExClusiv Vodka which served as a big hit warming the fashion goers up for the night ahead, the people love it! A portion of proceeds from the fashion show/showcase goes toward raising awareness for the Spina Bifida association. It’s rewarding to see celebrities, designers, and artist, coming together for the greater good of a defect that develops in millions of pregnancies everyday. 

Here are our favorite pieces shown at the Underground Artistry 2nd annual Fashion show and Showcase

BRAND-Nene L.A. Shiro: Creative is an understatement, designer Nathaniel White tapped into his inner Picasso to create the pieces in his collection. 

Here are our favorites:For more on this designer visit Nene L.A. Shiro

BRAND-CANDE NYC: Designer Candace Cooper has captured the art of romanticising fashion. 

Here are a few of our favorites from the line:Pictured Above: Designer, Candace Cooper.

For more on this designer visit, CANDE’s Instagram.

Brand-Le Rever: Fuse your favorite couture line with the closet of Solange Knowles and you’ve got Le Rever. Designer Yaw Boateg presented his super trendy collection during the UA fashion show. 

Here are our favorites:One could never go wrong with a perfectly structured black and white ensemble. For more on Le Rever, visit the brands official Instagram.

DJ Olivia Dope, Rae Holliday, Blogger; Marsha Bar of MarshBarsCloset

Meet the ladies behind Underground ArtistryMazadi B & Laydee POM, it’s pretty evident that these fashionable ladies could orchestrate such a grand affair. Well done!


Until next time readers, stay styled reader!