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            OK so how many of you ladies are having trouble getting your hair to cooperate with you during the winter months?

Are you one of those people who seem to plateau in the winter?

Well This post may help you with that problem.

During the winter months the air is much drier than it is during the summer.

You notice when its cold out you have to butter and oil up your skin and lips, well the same rules apply to your tresses.

Over at BlackGirlMagic we’ve already discussed reading the ingredients label (If you missed that you can check it out here BlackGirlMagic.wordpress.com)

During the winter months you want to stay away from glycerin and other humectants. Humectants work by attracting moisture from the air, but during the winter months there is little to no moisture in the air so it can have adverse affects.

If your holy Grail products have glycerin you want to watch the weather and check your dew points ( amount of moisture in the air).

Now if that’s too much work for you, as it is too much work for me. You may want to invest your time in a good protective style.

Protective styles are hairstyles that require little to no maintenance.


I like to install my faux locs, or box braids for the colder months after I wash out my yearly press.


Protective styling is a great option if you are like me and short on time and still want to keep your curls in check.

The most important thing you need to remember in the winter whether you’re protective styling or not is to beef up your moisturizing and sealing.

swap out your liquid stylers and moisturizers for a heavier stlyer like a heavy cream and or butter. You want to keep that cold dry air out and your moisture and yumminess in.

hopefully these tips will help your hair to flourish.