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(Liz Martinez-Bridal Milan 2015)

As a child, little princesses all over the world dream of their future wedding. Brides maids, vows, and the perfect white dress. Walking down the isle to their favorite song, being handed off to their husbands by their first hero, their fathers.

But what about the child artist, who’s planning a dream wedding in her mind, picturing a rainbow of roses? What about the girls with black tutu’s, the skater girls, who fall just as hard as the men but love just as hard as the princesses.
(Tosin Ojo-Fashion Stylist, bridesmaid, featuring Tosin’s Fiance)

This post highlights the risk takers, the women who arent afraid to go against traditional for one of the most important days of her life.
(Dress: H&M)
Meet Chèla Mitchell, owner of Glamour Commander Consulting Services, Personal Stylist, Blogger, Mother, and Washington, Dc skater chick! After learning via Instagram that Che would be getting married, I anticipated the dope visuals that she would share of her special day. Being that Che is nontraditional, all the way around, an african american mother on a skateboard, I knew that her wedding attire would be nothing less than epic!
View Pictures from Che’s wedding below:

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The truth is, we are in a different day and age. Traditional, isnt everyone’s tradition. There is no way for the eccentric mind to abide by the rules of tradition. Weddings are to be personal, even if “Grandma June” wishes to see every woman in the family in her wedding dress from 1962, it is your job to make her dress, your very own.

Below are a few pictures of the Iconic Olivia Palermo in her non traditional wedding attire, and a few snapshots from her June 2014 BRIDES Magazine feature:

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What are your thoughts on non traditional weddings, are you bold enough to start a tradition of your own? Whatever you decide, never for get to stay Styled!