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As promised, S.T.A.T. is keeping you updated on the Knowles-Ferguson wedding. Not only did Solange have a parade after the ceremony, featuring Nola’s own second line, the newlywed had a dance off to “No Flex Zone” with her ten year old son, Julez!

Here are a few wedding photos captured by Photographer, Rog Walker:




(Photos curteousy of Instagram.)

Click the link for the three minute dance off below:

Solange, and son Julez, dance to “No Flex Zone.”


The Ferguson wedding was definitely the wedding of the year. The songstress put great thought into the visual aspects of her wedding in every sense. Solange is a visual artist, representing art, and creativity, in everything that she does. This beauty has definitely made her mark on those who may have been confused about her artistry.

What do you guys think of the Knowles-Ferguson wedding? S.T.A.T. would love to hear your feedback!

Until next time, Stay styled readers!