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Today’s tea will cause you to unleash your innner animal! After listening to Martin Garrix’s track I’m sure you’ll feel as fierce as one. Today’s music feature comes to us all the way from the Netherlands, Amsterdam to be exact.
The song is called Animals (betcha didn’t see that one coming), and get this, the artist is a 17 year old DJ!

Meet Dj Martin Garrix:
Animals was released in June and has been doing AMAZING overseas. It’s currently at number 75 on US charts, but I can see it climbing pretty fast! Seeing as how it’s the theme song for Madden 25, the song is more popular than we think!
I discovered Garrix’s Animals about a week ago and instantly fell in love. From the moment the beat dropped, I couldn’t stop moving! Of course the first thing that I thought of was how to incorporate the song into my daily workout. Today, my living room transformed into a runway! I pictured dim lights, and light fog, at the entrance of the runway. Once the beat dropped, the dim lights became bright and neon! Some imagination huh?

Check out Martin Garrix’s Animals here!

Animals has definitely become one of my favorite house tracks, screaming energy, and allowing you to release and become wild and free. I use the track as a warmup before daily Zumba workouts. There is nothing more Styled To A Tea than being fit!

Posted by: Char P.

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