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For your daily dose of Tea I will be getting a little personal, lets peel away all of the layers and bare it all. Im usually a pretty reserved person, there are pieces of me that I am usually hesitant to share. Not because I am afraid of being looked at weirdly, but because I’ve always had a hard time inviting people into my world and feeling vulnerable. Over the years I’ve learn to open up, and with my blossoming came a new side of me personally, spiritually, and creatively.

Fashion & Music have always been my outlets. Growing up I was the quiet girl, with the dairy who wrote songs and playwrights for personal pleasure. I sang to escape whatever was ailing me at the moment. I created garments, bracelets and matched together bold pieces to display the side of me that was dying to break free. I have been blogging for years now, since 2008, however, S.T.A.T. is my first fashion blog and I love every bit of it!

Currently my blogspirations are:

Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What
21 year old FIT student and publicly know and agency signed fashion blogger. This young girl started from the bottom and its definitely making waves throughout the fashion community.

Thassia Naves of Blog Da Thassia

24 year old Brazilian fashion blogger turned social media celebrity! Although most of Thassia’s post are written in Portuguese, Google translator does a great job at translation!

Check both of my lovely blogspirations out on instagram!

I am excited to start this stylish jourey with you guys! If there is any advice, tips, stories, or randomness that you would like to ask or share, leave me a comment! Or, shoot me an email, I’m always around!