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Soo… you want to duplicate some of the outfits of your favorite celebrities, but you couldn’t imagine dishing out $1,500 for a pair of shoes? The best kept style secret is the replica, not to be confused with the knockoff! Replicas are often made with legit materials, genuine leather and suede, you may dish out over 100 bucks but, its worth it!! Here’s a few pictures of designers shoes next to their replicas! You may be able to duplicate your favorite celeb after all!

Left: June Ambrose in Céline loafers | |VS| | Right: Steve Madden’s J FRESH loafers.

Left: Kanye West for Giuseppe Zanotti | |VS| | Right: Jessica Burrman’s Gold Leaf Wedge

Top: Valentino studded heels | |VS| | Bottom: Jessica Burrman Studed heels

Left: Givenchy Knee high fold over boot | | VS | | Right: Jessica Burrman’s Knee high fold over boot

Top Right: Rocco Heel made by MIA Shoes | | VS | | Bottom Left: Barbara Hui’s Python Heel

To the naked eye, there is very little difference between the designer shoe and its replica. Just remember, the next time you see a celebrity style that you may want to replicate, look into the replicae! Besides, no one will know that you aren’t wearing the real thing except you! Or maybe Mr. Zanotti himself, you’ll probably never bump into him though!!! BEWARE of the knock off, which is usually poorly made and priced unbelievably LOW!!

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I hope I helped you in your efforts to be Tea Time Styled !